• Austin David

Feels Like Rain (Buddy Guy)

Down here the river meets the sea,,,

Can we talk about the guitar solo first? yes? k

F*ck me. so on point. That slide tho-smoother than butter. There really are no words to describe it...Actually there are, it Feels like rain. **drops mic**

Where is Lake Pontchartrain anyway? I had to google it. God Bless Goggle and all their spyware. What is a Pontchartrain anway?

"....and this lake over hear shall be called...wait for it... PONTCHARTRAIN"

Also, God Bless John Hiatt for writing this song.

Love comes out of no where just like a hurricane. Back when hurricane's were still cool to use as a metaphors. (Feels like rain? Also a fresh line) This whole song actually makes me want to feel rain.

Renee Geyer backup vocals add the perfect range.

I'm glad they didn't make it across Pontchartrain. Sounded risky anyway.

Love the minor key change into Pre chorus. So Moody bro.

Fender Strat thru a Fender Bassman is like Lennon to Ono.

Buddy Guy is rich with passion and character. That deep soulful voice is to die for.

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