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Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Slipknot... cuz Halloween.

That's what you do best.

Slipknot has the art of balancing catchy melodies and all-out thrash metal down to a science. How in the actual hell do they get these recordings to sound this big?

This song came on random while I was working out at the gym and it got me all gassed up.

I love how the guitars go from Korn-on-crack-riffing in the verses to palm-muted harmonic perfection in the chorus. Corey Taylor's spitfire vocals carpet-bomb the entire track, leaving every note drenched in classic Slipknot feel. Thank God he quit smoking, you can hear a renewed energy in his performance. Lyrics are typical, but unique enough.

Jay Weinberg's drums sounds like a symphony of monster trucks crashing down Godzilla's back. Breakdown section is all kinds of rude. (per usual). 2019 Slipknot is as brutal as ever. Happy f*cking Halloween. :)

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