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Mom and dad went to a show They dropped me off at Grandpa Joe's I kicked and screamed, said please don't go

Grandma take me home

Had to eat my dinner there Mashed potatos and stuff like that I couldn't chew my meat too good

She said, well, don't you start your crying Go outside and ride your bike That's what I did, I killed my toe

After dinner, I had ice cream I fell asleep and watched TV I woke up in my mother's arms

Grandma take me home I wanna be alone

I first heard this when I got the "Live from The Muddy Banks" album in 1996. I remember the way that orange booklet in the jewel case smelled and all those epic insert photo shots.

Classic Nirvana fashion. This is an example of Kurt's more straight-forward formal songwriting. Major key (which is rare) There's a definite beginning, middle, and end. It's so innocent at face value, but so angsty and sad on other levels. That "grandma take me home" chorus is such a strong linchpin. Brilliant. And last line of the last chorus is changed specifically for the ending, which keeps it interesting and also a great songwriting technique.

That quiet "could here a pin drop" bass intro and Kurt can be heard clearing his throat.

"Mom and dad went to a show, dropped me off at grandpa joes" Already, we're placed in lyrical terrain that is brand new to a Nirvana fan. I love that middle-finger squeal from the DS-1 right before the first chorus. Kurt's manic episodes were mirrored in his music; happy and chill one minute then chaotic and discordant the next.

A great point of the song is at the 3rd verse (:56 seconds) when Kurt goes up an octave to that primal howl and Dave simultaneously goes to the ride cymbal. Right at that point, that distinct spirit of Nirvana is firing.

My fave lyric "I fell asleep, and watched tv." I bet the original line was "I watched Tv, and fell asleep" but Kurt was a relentless rewriter and most likely swopped the sentence around giving it a whole new fresh twist. Just another example of how Kurt's wordplay is an inescapable hook. haha.

"Grandma take me home, I wanna be alone"- Great way to end the song. Offer up new information that completes the thought and leads the listener thru.

This ranks high on my fave Nirvana songs list. Maybe top 10 even.

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